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They even reach out to destroy Israel after they die, their nonsense following them. PACBI announces "The Bucket List" with reviews of anti-Israel pseudo-intellectuals who have kicked the bucket/

In this issue we feature the late University of Alberta Professor Clement Leibovitz who declared himself a "jewish" Palestinian for the destruction of Israel. Read the article:

University of Alberta , Canada - Prof. Clement Leibovitz, self-described "Jewish Palestinian," stalks Israel from his Grave

By Lee Kaplan, www.IsraCampus.org.il

It is a common misperception that Jews who run around promoting the Arab agenda to starve the Jews out of the Middle East and ultimately kill them are "self-hating." Actually, the opposite is true. These people tend to be narcissists who believe they, and they alone, have to answer to the most insolvable problems, including the Israeli-Palestinian dispute. These are the academics who jump in bed with the Jew-killers of Hamas and Hezbollah, who blame Israel for Islamic and pan-Arab irredentism.

A case in point is the late Professor Clement Leibovitz who taught at the University of Alberta in Canada. The semi-literate Leibovitz passed away in 2008, but not before he left behind a legacy of lies blaming Israel for Arab attempts to destroy the Jewish state. He even wrote a poem to the Israeli people just before he died:

"The Israeli occupation of Palestine is a peste (sic)
No day passes by, without the IDF kills or molests (sic).
Innocent people if they don't kill, they arrest,
Everywhere they go, all the country they infest.
Beatings, humiliations, the Palestinian daily ingest,
The Israeli oppression, their barbarism is manifest.
Uprooting trees, destroying houses, respecting no nest
They do not regret or repent, they take it in jest."

All of which comprises Clement's jihadi bequest (we could not resist adding that rhyme!). Or how about these:

"Anything is ok them Joos to Molest,
His gravestone now a Hamas footrest.
A pro-terror posthumous Arabesque!"

Leibovitz was born in Egypt but escaped to Israel with his parents after the pogrom in Egypt in 1936. He then availed himself of Israel 's education system by attending the Technion in Haifa .

From there he became a Professor of Computer Services at the University of Alberta in Canada . Once in Canada he declared himself a "Jewish Palestinian" and embraced anti-Semites in his new country who promoted propaganda against his former homeland. He became in Canada a co-founder of "Jews for Peace in the Middle East ," which despite its nice-sounding name bashes Israel constantly in the Canadian education system. Leibovitz claimed that Israel was founded and led by a "criminal establishment". He was in favor of a one-state solution in which Israel would cease to exist.

He crayoned, "With much more justification, and in total solidarity, I do proclaim that I AM A JEWISH PALESTINIAN. And I accuse the Israeli government of savagery and barbarism against MY OWN PEOPLE, the Palestinian people to which I belong, AS A JEW." He added after a suicide bombing in Haifa that left many Israelis dead that "I am very hurt by the death of innocent people caused by today's suicide bombing in Haifa . Of course one of the people who died is the suicide bomber. And I am very hurt by her death too. You are free to think she was motivated by her hatred for the Jews ... but you are also free to think she was motivated by her love for the Palestinian people. I think that the latter is closer to the truth. I would like to put myself in the shoes of the suicide bomber. Since I am a Jewish Palestinian, I have to ask myself the question: as a Palestinian, which I am, could I become a suicide bomber? Being a Jew, would it immunize me against committing an act of terrorism hurting innocent people? Of course not. Sharon himself is a terrorist causing the death of innocent people."  It's easy to see why he was a regular writer on the anti-Semitic "ALEF list" that still continues to operate under the auspices of the University of Haifa .

"Suicide bombers are people," he said. "They would have been dedicated members of Palestinian society if it had been free, and had there been no occupation."

Of course, the fact the Arabs were killing Jews on a regular basis in the Holy Land long before the so-called "occupation", even in places like his birthplace, Egypt, gets no consideration. What a compassionate guy.

Leibovitz, of course, gave lip service to condemning the suicide bombings, but explained the bombers were merely "innocent victims of circumstance."

In 1976, at 53, Leibovitz was diagnosed with cancer of the prostate. In 1980 his tumor became active and spread elsewhere in his body. Although told he had only one year to live, he managed to spread his bile against Israel for another 24 years.  He was recycled in 2009, joining the bucket list of dead anti-Semitic Jews.

Lest one think that Leibovitz just had it in ONLY for Israel , he was an anti-American and pro-al-Qaeda, even making excuses for the attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001. He wrote an article about the US being the victim of terrorist attacks where he actually praised the terrorists:

Here's his "description" of terrorists (written right after the World Trade Center bombing), in which Leibovitz refused to condemn the killers : "Just now, it is not known who are those terrorists (sic), to what organizations they belong (sic), what are their main motivations. However, we know about them the following: 1) They strongly believe in their cause. 2) Their cause is related to their perception of unjust terrible sufferings inflicted to their people. 3) They are very idealistic, and ready to sacrifice their life for what they consider to be the good of their people. 4) In a certain sense, a very irrational sad but real sense, they are the cream of the cream of society. They belong to the kind of persons who would, for the good of the people, accept to be injected with a fatal illness, so that vaccines of non-proved effectiveness could be tested on them. They are not the egotistic kind. They are altruistic to the highest degree. The question to be considered is how people so altruistic, can become involved in criminal acts, which harms and kills so many innocents." Well, of course Hitler also believed in his cause and was idealistic.

We'll probably never know how many students at the University of Alberta were poisoned/influenced by this critter and how many more will also have the same fate in the future as Leibovitz's obnoxious words reach out from the grave.