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Another BDS Fail: Lavan's Clientele increased 37% in the wake of boycott action

From our friends at Synonymous:

Documenting another BDS Fail.

Shani Bar-Oz, an Israeli living in Vancouver owns a store, Lavan that sells Israeli beauty products. Her store has been facing protests as a result.

“I received a huge embrace and plenty of support,” Bar-Oz said, after an article about her plight appeared on Ynet. In the story, the store owner, who insists on selling Israeli products, shared her fears of contending with anti-Israel protesters targeting her business and shouting anti-Semitic slogans.

The boycott campaign against Bar-Oz backfired, with new orders pouring in as result of the story. Reports indicate the Shani's international clientele has increased by 37% as a result of the buycott campaign.

Watch it here:

And again, a message from Synonomous

"If you threaten to boycott an Israeli Business, we will move in and make them profitable, whether we need what they are selling, or not.

We are the people of G-d.

We are the people that seek to end anti-Semitism.

We are the people that hid the Jews from the Nazis.

We are the churches.

We are the synagogues.

We are synonymous.

Expect us."